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2019 Bee and Woodware Sources

Here are the sources we are aware of for bee packages and nucs for the 2019 season. Information provided is to the best of our knowledge. Please notify us of any errors or if there are vendors that we missed at Last year's orders were filled up by mid February, so don't wait too long to order or you might regret waiting. Good Luck!

  • Apis Hives - Delivery to Grand Junction, CO. Bee packages and 5-frame nucs. Prices and options vary. Contact Chad Ragland at Apis Hives
  • Jack Moore & Marc Kenney are selling 5-frame nucs and mated queens. The nucs are through a Smith Apiary associate in Ogden UT (elevation ~6,000 ft). Pricing varies.
  • San Juan Bees (different than San Juan Honey) sellings standard nucs, lite nucs, single 10-frame deep, and double 10 frame deeps.
  • San Juan Honey Company out of Cedaredge, CO is selling 5-frame nucs and single deeps. For more info please contact Chris by email or phone at 970-856-6710. 
  • Murdocks in Clifton, CO.
  • Tractor Supply is offering packages and queens. See their website for pricing and details.
  • BeeFuzz (Frank Trujillo) has treatment free nucs for sale. 
  • San Juan Bee Supply 5 Frame nucs out of Delta. Selling for $185.
  • Southern Colorado Beekeeper's Association - 3 lbs packages. Limited quantity. First come first served. Contact socobees for more information.
  • Bees 4 Sale - 3 lb Packages sent via UPS.
  • Queen Right Colonies - Package bees shipped out of Ohio.
  • Beekeeping USA - Package bees shipped out of Georgia
  • Mann Lake -Variety of package bees shipped nationwide.
  • Plan Bee - Bees out of Thornton, CO.
  • Club Members Jack Moore & Marc Kenney may be selling local nucs from spring splits. These won't be available until the lay pattern of the queens can be verified (May or June). Please contact if interested.
Other Potential Sources:
  • Club Members can register to be on our yearly swarm list to retrieve swarms our local communities call in.

If you are ordering bees make sure you have their home set up and ready to go well before you get them! So now is not only the time to order bees, but also all of your hive supplies, hives (woodware), and other beekeeping supplies. Again vendors are listed in no particular order. Please notify us (via email) of any errors or if we missed any vendors.

Local (Grand Junction)
Online woodware and beekeeping supply vendors: