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2017 Bee and Woodware Sources

Here are the sources we are aware of for bee packages and nucs for the 2016 season. These are listed in alphabetical order. Information provided is to the best of our knowledge. It may be incorrect and should be verified by you prior to ordering. Please notify us of any errors or if there are vendors that we missed via Last year orders were filled up by mid February, so don't wait too long to order or you might regret waiting. Good Luck!

  • Apis Hives (Chad) delivery to Grand Junction, CO. Bee packages and nucs. Prices and options vary. Contact Chad at Apis Hives via
  • Club Member Chad Currie is working with San Juan Honey Company out of Cedaredge, CO to provide 5-frame Nucs. These 5-frame Nucs will be available around the 3rd week of April (weather dependent). Cost if $165/Nuc and there is a $5 discount for Club Members. For more info please contact Chad at 970-640-3678.
  • Club Member Marc Kenney will have approximately six to eight 5-frame (deep) Nucs available around the end of May. Cost is $160/Nuc. For more info please contact Marc at
  • Murdocks in Clifton, CO. $139 for 3# package. $50 for queens. Order online via:
  • Smith Apiaries of CA in conjunction with Sticky Bear Apiary in Grand Junction, CO will be offering: 2# package $107 COD, $102 w/ 50% deposit, $97 if paid in full. 3# package $128 COD, $123 w/ 50% deposit, $118 if paid in full. Mated queens: 1-5 $40/ea, 6-10 $38/ea, 11-15 $35/ea. Orders are fist come first served. Delivery is approximately 3rd week of April. Contact Jack Moore at or 970-589-631
  • Southern Colorado Beekeeper's Association - Bulk order from Honey Hive Farms in Albuquerque, NM. 3 lbs packages of either Carniolan or Italians. Cost is $130/package plus a delivery fee (~$5.00). Delivery is scheduled for April 2017 in or near Durango, CO. Limited to 50 packages. First come first served. Contact Paula Nelson @
Other Potential Sources yet to be confirmed:
  • BeeFuzz (Frank) located in Colbran, CO. Treatment free survivor bee nucs. (As of 2/2017 we do not believe Frank will be selling Nucs this year) 
  • Bees, Bees, Bees in Denver (various packages, nucs, etc.)

If you are ordering bees make sure you have their home set up and ready to go well before you get them! So now is not only the time to order bees, but also all of your hive supplies, hives (woodware), and other beekeeping supplies. Again vendors are listed in no particular order. Please notify us (via email) of any errors or if we missed any vendors.

Local (Grand Junction)
Online woodware and beekeeping supply vendors: