Western Colorado Beekeepers Association would like to welcome you to our Website. Here we share the joys and frustrations of raising Honeybees in the numerous micro-climates of Western Colorado. The Club is made up of local Beekeepers who want to share and expand their beekeeping knowledge. 

If you or someone you know has a swarm of honeybees please call our Swarm Hot Line and be ready to answer the questions found on our Swarm Hot Line page.  WE ONLY DEAL WITH HONEY BEES. WE DO NOT DEAL WITH WASPS, HORNETS, OR OTHER BEES. 

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Did you know . . . the "Colorado herd of Honeybees" is one of the largest herds in North America 
after the bees are moved back to their home ranges on the Western Slope and the Front Range

Collecting a swarm Installing a package of bees A frame of capped honey
Langstroth hives on a hive stand A reduced entrance (it's easier for the bees to guard the smaller space) A frame with a lot of wet honey
A marked queen on a frame Unassembled hive bodies Recently assembled inner covers
Bearding bees on a Long Lang entrance during a warm summer evening Marking a queen