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Our Goal: 

We have come together to share our joys and frustrations as we attempt to raise honeybees. Honeybees are the only semi-feral livestock classified as a herd animal that is an insect. We hope to provide a forum for education in beekeeping, to provide networking for all members of the bee enthusiast community, to promote beekeeping as a beneficial activity, and to establish and preserve western Colorado as a beekeeping friendly zone.

Did you know beekeepers have no legal ownership once the bees leave their hives to seek out and gather nectar, pollen, and water. 

Questions? Comments? Would you like to join our group or get more information about beekeeping? We hold regular meetings each month, and you do not have to be a member to try us out. Please feel free to contact us! 

2020 Board Members
President: Jack Moore
Vice-President: Marc Kenney
Secretary: James Cope
Treasurer: Nanette Keck
Media Officer: Jess Nix
Board Members at Large: Chip O'Conner, Deena Murray
Board Members serve a term of 2 years. Elections are held in September of odd numbered years
Club member and President Jack Moore working with the Club's top bar hive.
Club member's at one of the monthly meetings.